Glasgow School of Art

Last week we learnt that parts of the Mackintosh Building at the Glasgow School of Art are to be dismantled following the fire there earlier this month.

The fire was the second major blaze at the School of Art in only four years, with the current restoration project by Page\Park Architects due for completion next year.

Originally completed in 1909 the building has welcomed thousands of students over its 100-year existence.

One of those students was architect Peter King, founder of the Rooflight Company, who studied at in Glasgow as part of his architecture training.

Like many others we were devastated when we heard the news of a second fire last week and feel deeply saddened that parts of this historic building are going to be taken down.

To have a building that is so rich in history ruined by fire is a horrible end to its life and we feel for those involved in the Mackintosh project.

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