When Security is Paramount

The Rooflight Company’s new neo Plateau Secured by Design Rooflight combines high levels of security with excellent aesthetics.

According to the Office for National Statistics, there was a six per cent increase in the number of burglaries reported to the police in the year ending March 2018 (437,357 incidents in total, including vehicle theft). With this in mind, the Rooflight Company is set to launch its neo Plateau Secured by Design Rooflight, in winter 2018. The unit undergone extensive testing to comply with both LPS 2081 Issue Level A and B, as well as LPS 1175 Issue 7 SR1. This means that is ideally suited to residential and low-risk buildings due to its compliance with Part Q of the Building Regulations.

After gaining initial approval several years ago, the Rooflight Company became the first business to provide a Secured by Design approved rooflight. Since then, continual monitoring of the industry’s needs, as well as changes to security regulations have been at the forefront of its design ambitions. At the beginning of 2016, the Secured by Design Rooflight was accredited to Loss Prevention Standard 1175 issue 7 (Categories SR2 and SR3) and was approved for use in both concrete and hardwood structural kerbs.

When specifying a rooflight that meets Secured by Design status, there are a range factors that should be considered, including the value of goods or information within the building, and how the loss of these items would affect the business or the home in which the rooflights are installed. SR2 accredited Secured by Design Rooflights have been subjected to testing using hand tools, such as hammers and chisels, for a period of up to fifteen minutes. SR3 accredited Secured by Design Rooflights can withstand up to twenty minutes of attack from battery-operated power tools, as well as the hand tools used in the SR2 test.

Case Study One

In 2010 the Rooflight Company manufactured and supplied 10 Secured by Design Rooflights for The Keep, a new-build historical research centre in Falmer, East Sussex, by multi-disciplinary practice Atkins. The architect wanted a rooflight that would provide maximum security for the valuable documents stored inside the building. The Rooflight Company was the only manufacturer it could find that provided the Secured by Design standard of security required. Main contractor Kier said, “We worked with the Rooflight Company for more than two years on this project as it was able to meet the high security rooflights required. It provided a rooflight solution that matched the security levels needed for the building, which no other manufacturer could supply.”

Case Study Two

More recently, the Rooflight Company has met an order worth in excess of £100,000 to a European bank. A total of 33 Secured by Design Rooflights were specified by the architect to meet the LPS 1172 Issue 7 SR2 level of security required. The Rooflight Company is currently the only rooflight manufacturer able to provide this level of reassurance to its clients.

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