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Ask our consultant Architect Peter King for advice regarding your skylight requirements.


‘Light from skylights isn’t just ‘light’, it can be lots of things that really help make your home or design feel special. Light from a skylight can flood a space with ethereal white light seemingly from directly above, or it can spill the golden light of morning or evening in dramatic shapes across the walls and floor of a space. And these dramatic shapes will move across your spaces as the sun moves across the sky.

Place a skylight in the centre of a large space and it can be many things, including a large inverse sundial where it is not a shadow, but the light itself that moves and tells you what time it is. Let me help you use light, sculpt light, direct light, and position light to increase your enjoyment of your space and offer you a window to nature in so many ways.’

Peter King RIAS ARB Architect

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