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We Are Your Design Partner

There is a compelling reason for our many successful relationships with architects; it is that we listen. A deep understanding of the complexities of every bespoke project is fundamental to our designs and makes us much more than just another supplier. Our technical insight and creative skills make the Rooflight Studio an indispensable specialist within your team.

The Rooflight Studio


Peter is the practice Principal of Carden King Partnership.

He was born in Kenya and educated there, in the USA and in the UK.

His architectural training began at the University of Manchester and continued at the University of Glasgow, Mackintosh School of Architecture.

Peter began practice as a qualified architect in 1982 and worked in both large and small practices before forming Carden King in 2001.

He founded the Rooflight Company in 1990 with the design of a rooflight product he named the Conservation Rooflight. The Rooflight Company now employs around 70 people.

Peter founded Solarity Architecture in 2013 to popularise passive solar gain principles in architecture. Passive solar gain is essentially free heat and power from the sun.

He specialises in the alteration and extension of historic property, and is passionate about low energy, sustainable and ecologically-aware projects for new-build residences.

Design Director

Like many of his talented design team, Peter’s career started off by studying industrial design. This landed him a job at the Rooflight Company back in 2001 and in the intervening years he’s seen the company grow, expand and diversify into more complex bespoke projects for customers. Peter current role is Design Director, responsible for three distinct areas within the Rooflight Studio: custom rooflight designs, new product development and engineering.

What inspires me? “There are two things which I couldn’t do without: the ability to be able to communicate an idea onto paper or a screen; and music – I find it transports me, inspires memories and makes me think differently.”

Senior Projects Buyer

Gill’s role in the Bespoke Team is to ensure all products are procured in line with the project plan and costs. To achieve this, Gill builds good relationships with suppliers, encouraging efficient and consistent service.

Her project management skills were formed through a Certificate in Management and have been honed over 15 years at the Rooflight Company.

“I find no better satisfaction than a project going to the customer on time” says Gill. She thrives on a challenge and enjoys being part of such a dedicated team.

What inspires me?

“My children – I have 2 girls who are 6 & 3 and every day they inspire me with their enthusiasm for new things and their ability to laugh at almost anything!”

Bespoke Team Sales Coordinator

Craig has a deep knowledge of our rooflights, having previously worked in Production and also in Pre-sales.

As the first point of contact for Bespoke enquiries, he discusses in detail with clients what they would like to achieve with their rooflights. He then works closely with Gill (Senior Projects Buyer) and the Bespoke Designers, to produce a proposal with costings for the client.

In fact it’s the opportunity to work directly with clients, build relationships and find solutions that Craig particularly enjoys about his role. “I also like working with committed and friendly colleagues and for a company that cares about its employees” he adds.

What inspires me?

“Cooking inspires me.  I find prep work very relaxing and I like taking simple but good quality ingredients and turning them into something special.  It’s also exciting to create a variety of dishes using the same ingredients but different techniques.”

Bespoke Production Operator

Paul has worked at the Rooflight Company since 2007. Originally, Paul worked with the standard rooflights but has since progressed to work directly on all the bespoke projects. Paul’s role involves working closely with the designers as well as the purchasing and sales teams to make sure the Rooflight Company manufacture and deliver efficient and high-quality products that are practical to build. Paul particularly enjoys problem solving when working with the bespoke rooflight designs. Each order is unique in shape and size, providing a new build challenge each time.

What inspires me?

“I have played guitar for nearly 19 years and I’ve been in a band for 13 of those, drawing inspiration from various musicians across different genres and instruments. I currently own four electric guitars, one standard acoustic and one 12 string acoustic. Being in a band has proven a good way to meet new people across various towns, cities and countries; it is also proving a good way to learn about other areas of business. I enjoy learning new skills and have recently begun to learn airbrushing, spray painting and powder coating; I also continue to learn about car maintenance and modifications.”

Designer Draughtsperson

Haley is the link between the bespoke design team and the manufacturing process of the Rooflight Company. She translates the 3D design models that come from the bespoke designs team into technical drawings used in both internal assembly and external manufacturing processes. The role involves her having great attention to detail and liaising with the in-house purchasing, engineering and production staff to get this right. With a thirst for knowledge and a desire to understand more about the design process, Haley is currently studying for a Design & Innovation Honours Degree with the OU which she is due to complete at the end of 2015.

What inspires me?

“Michael Johnson’s autobiography has been a wealth of inspiration for me. He teaches you that through hard work you can go the extra mile, and by focusing on the things you can change or improve on, you can achieve your goals.”

Product Designer

Olly studied Product Design at Bournemouth before joining the Rooflight Company. He very much enjoys working in a collaborative design team, where ideas are always shared. Working within the bespoke designs team, Olly really enjoys the levels of design variety and problem solving which comes with bespoke projects.

What inspires me?

“I’ve recently been given a Braun watch designed by Dieter Rams. It’s a 1970s reissue of a classic deign where simplicity and aesthetics are combined. It looks like a watch should do – honest and with a lot of integrity.”

Product Designer

Jocelyn has seen the bespoke design team take on a number of new members in recent months. The best part about her job is that she and her colleagues can really put their product design backgrounds to good use – by getting creative and seeing a concept flow through from design to reality.

What inspires me?

“I love travelling; it’s a chance to explore new places and different experiences. This year I have skied down the slopes in France, caught the waves in Portugal and plan to go sailing in Tanzania. By having a goal to visit three different countries every year, I will continue to encounter diverse lifestyles and adventures within the big wide world.”

Product Designer

Sarah finds her work at the Rooflight Company very engaging. One aspect of her role in the bespoke design team is to work on enquiries, that come through from architects, into final design solutions. Liaising with clients to get the design right is an important part of this process, as is providing custom drawings and installation details to ensure all designs are functional as well as aesthetically pleasing.

What inspires me?  

“I find getting back to my roots in my home county of Northumberland inspiring. I love to explore the open countryside, beautiful unspoilt coastlines and to see my family.”

Bespoke Designs Manager

Kathryn started out at the Rooflight Company as what was known then as a Special Projects Designer. Since then, her career at the company has gone from strength to strength and she now heads up the bespoke design team, overseeing the staff and assigning projects to the right people. Her role is to liaise closely with Peter, making sure that the team’s objectives are met – by building relationships with architects, championing the design team’s expertise and solving any issues that may arise.

What inspires me? 

“I thrive on being able to do something a little differently, in not following the norm. The stairs in the house my partner and I are currently renovating reflect this ethos. We’ve used an Orla Kiely wallpaper to decorate the risers – striking and very effective. When I’m at work, it’s the challenging projects that allow me to think differently which I relish the most.”